Youth Leadership Program:

The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Foundation Youth Leadership Program aims to educate and inspire youth to preserve and enrich agriculture and community heritage. Students with vital skills to build future leaders in our area that will help us preserve our agriculture economy.

Young adults will be introduced to various aspects of business in Agriculture Technology such as logistics, information technology, human resources, marketing, crop protection and automation.

The program will also expose students to leadership skills and community service.

Eligibility Criteria:

We encourage high school students to apply if they are interested in inspiring change in the community while simultaneously interested in gaining valuable skills.

They also will learn about stewardship and responsibility for the future of the Fairgrounds Community through mentorship in a variety of careers possible within the local agricultural industry.  In addition, applicants should be interested in helping the community through meaningful volunteerism of 25 hours of community service.

They will be able to expand their networks through keynote speakers, local leaders, and the boards of directors.

There will also be a graduation event at the end of the program with a review of the leadership program, future opportunities, and a $350 scholarship.

Application Process:

Applications will be available in spring 2020 for next year’s program.