Vision & Mission


  • Ensure a vibrant, healthy Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds


  • Inspire and engage our community to support our Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds to be ready in times of need as well as celebration.

The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds is one of the treasures of the Central Coast – providing a unique venue for recreation, education, science, sports and charitable activities that enrich our community. It is utilized by companies, individuals, schools and community groups year-round. The Fairgrounds also plays an important role as an evacuation center for people and animals in the tri-county area in the event of a disaster, such as fire, earthquake and flooding.

Founded in 2002, The Santa Cruz County Fair Heritage Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, raises funds through donations, special events, beverage sales, grants, planned giving and sponsorships. Through its community connections, it has assumed a major role in keeping the community aware of activities and improvements at the Fairgrounds.

With the help of volunteers, The Heritage Foundation raises funds to provide for operational services and capital improvements to ensure the continued vitality of this important community resource.

In January 2016 the Santa Cruz County Heritage Foundation changed its name to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Foundation to more easily describe our mission.