Portable Livestock Pens allow for maximum use of the Barn and other areas where Livestock is shown and sheltered. During the annual fair we use all of the pens the Fairgrounds currently owns and borrow additional pens from other fairs. However, during the recent fires when our Fairgrounds was the home to evacuated animals, more pens were needed but were in use at other fairs for evacuations. These new pens will allow us to have pen space for annual fair entries and be ready to house our county residents stock during times of emergency.

DONATIONS to the 2021 HERITAGE HOG SCHOLARSHIP PROJECT funded the Scholarship to our 2021 recipient and purchased 85 Livestock Pens.  Thank You to all who supported this program in 2021. We will return with the 2022 Heritage Hog Scholarship Program soon.



“Anisa Valasco Receives 2021 Heritage Hog Scholarship”

From that little girl who used to peek through the fence out in the Livestock Barns to recipient of the 2021 Heritage Hog Scholarship, it has been a journey of discovery for Anisa Valasco.  The very recent graduate of Watsonville High School is on her way to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to major in Animal Science and Pre Vet Medicine.

“Growing up I was not aware that there was such a thing as FFA or 4-H or even Independent Showing.  I got my first animal in my sophomore year and I was hooked” remembered Anisa, who then had to figure out how to pay for it all.  “I sold my old clothing, started a jewelry making business, did countless car washes, did yard work, and babysat to pay for my animals and their feed”.

The Heritage Hog Scholarship Program is a fundraiser dedicated to Fairgrounds improvements while also providing a scholarship for a Junior Livestock exhibitor to further their education.  Each year the Fairgrounds Foundation selects a local 4-H, FFA or independent student with experience raising livestock for the Fair who is pursuing a higher education to raise a hog provided by the Foundation.  The hog will be exhibited at the Fair and sold at the end of the Junior Livestock Auction.  The proceeds from the hog sale, along with other donations will be used by the Fairgrounds Foundation to fund the scholarship and the Fairground improvements.

As a result of her efforts Anisa was awarded a Scholarship of $2,000 to use towards her educational expenses.

The Heritage Hog Scholarship is great way to encourage current youth involvement in the Fair Livestock activities and foster future educational endeavors for the hard working junior exhibitors.

Each year the Fairgrounds Foundation solicits donations for this program as a means to raise funds for the scholarship and Fairground improvements. Donations to the Heritage Hog Scholarship Program can be made at the Fairgrounds Foundation by clicking below, or by contacting the Heritage Hog Committee at (831) 786-9698.


Anisa Valasco

Anisa with Janette Moules of Country Hills Feed and this year’s hog.

Heritage Hog
Scholarship Guidelines

The Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Foundation Heritage Hog Scholarship is offered to a deserving college or other higher education bound student interested in raising a hog to be brought to the Santa Cruz County Fair and sold at the Junior Livestock Auction. Proceeds from the auction, along with additional donations are used for various improvements to the Fairgrounds under the guidance of the Fairgrounds Foundation.
The Fairgrounds Foundation will provide the hog, hog feed and $2,000.00 to a student entering or currently attending college. This award will be allocated with verification of registration for full time classes.
ELIGIBILITY: Students and/or their legal guardian must live either in Santa Cruz County or within the Pajaro Valley Unified School District or the Aromas/San Juan Unified School District boundaries. The student must meet the eligibility requirements to exhibit in the Swine show of the Santa Cruz County Fair.
CRITERIA: Selection is based on the student’s experience raising livestock, scholastic record, special activities, personal history, leadership skills, letters of recommendation, and ability to confidently represent their accomplishments and goals during a virtual interview.
APPLICATION: Applications are available on the Fairgrounds Foundation web site here (click application button below). They are also available at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Postmarked or received at Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds or Fairgrounds Foundation Office (P.O. Box 1806 Freedom CA 95019) by dates set yearly.  This includes letters of recommendation.
SELECTION: Applicants must be available to be interviewed by the scholarship selection committee at appointments set yearly.
AWARD: The recipient of this scholarship will receive their $2,000.00 award upon proof of enrollment in their college or other higher educational technical school. The award will be issued as a one-time payment.



Heritage Hog Scholarship Hall of Fame

2021 Anisa Velasco

2017 – Arielle Spotswood

2020 Chardonay Coates

2016 – Yuritza Arciga

2019 – Isabel Hanchai

2015 – Janell Moules

2018 – Jacob Dixon