Heritage Hall Addition 2024

HERITAGE HALL opened in the fall of 2012 after a complete renovation by the Fairgrounds Foundation.  It is a beautiful building with a gorgeous antique bar and has hosted all types of celebrations and seminars. However it was not completed due to fund availability at that time.

The plan is to add a 16′ x 800′ addition to the building, providing the much needed restrooms, storage for tables and chairs, and a service caterer kitchen. When events take place currently, cooking is done off site or outside, and restrooms are a walk to the racetrack area. Planning and approvals from the State of California are underway and construction is expected to start as soon.  

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Heritage Hall Plans

These are the plans for the Heritage Hall Addition. You can see the new section of the building and the entrances to those new areas from the main hall. Help us make this project happen.