Your Fairgrounds Still Active

As An Evacuation Center

Another reason WHY your Fairgrounds is so important to all of us…

We still need your help now more than ever.

Calls to your Fairgrounds began Sunday August 16th as community members were required to evacuate as the fires around us continued to grow. Fairgrounds volunteers began assembling pens and cages for those animals that were being brought to the Fairgrounds for safety. Buildings and Barns were put in use to house community members and their animals displaced due to the evacuation. We received evacuees from all over the Central California Area. Other Centers throughout the county are now being consolidated to the Fairgrounds which will be the main shelter location.

Working with the Santa Cruz County Emergency Operations Center as well as other agencies, the Fairgrounds once again was there to provide a safe haven for those in need. While some have been able to return to their homes, others find homes standing but barns gone. The Fairgrounds Evacuation Center is managed by the American Red Cross and continues to be the largest Emergency Center in the County.

The Fairgrounds Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization Tax ID #20-0385058, raises funds to keep the Fairgrounds safe and available for times of celebration, and for times of an emergency like this. Without the ability to host regular events during the pandemic, the Fairgrounds and the Foundation are both operating on reserve funds. 

There is no guarantee if or when reimbursements will be repaid to the Fairgrounds for costs incurred during this evacuation. Costs to the Fairgrounds were averaging $20,000 a week during the first two weeks. As we continued into weeks where many evacuees were able to return to their homes, weekly costs average $10,000 a week, totaling to-date $70,000. 


Our community has responded by donating $44,520 so far.  Thank You!

A Special Thank You to the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County for a $10,000 Grant to this project.


We need your help to keep our Fairgrounds operating now and in the future.

Please consider making a donation to the Fairgrounds Foundation at this time so this vital service can continue and to ensure the Fairgrounds is a safe and inviting space.

Click the donate button NOW to make sure Your Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds is here when we need it, no matter when.


The fire evacuees and animals are beginning to return home. There are those that will be at the Evacuation Center for a while yet. The County has consolidated all centers to the Fairgrounds which is still an active Center.

During the Evacuation The Fairgrounds has hosted over

900 people

180 Horses (many untrained)

500 chickens, rabbits & other bird species

300 Goats, Sheep, lamas, pigs, etc.

20-30 exotic animals of different species.

Without your support, the Fairgrounds Foundation

would not be able to ensure the fairgrounds is a safe place for

your friends and neighbors to stay during emergencies.



Governor Gavin Newsom has visited the  Fairgrounds Evacuation Center twice meeting with Fair Manager David Kegebein.



Thanks to all the VOLUNTEERS that worked so hard to help in the past weeks



Additional Resources for Information

– evacuation orders, evacuation warnings, evacuations centers & road closures.
– Current evacuation map
to list yourself safe
– local air quality