Katy’s Courtyard


Katy Bannister loved the Santa Cruz County Fair! She volunteered for many years in various capacities but her love was the Floriculture Building at Fairtime! She would spend countless hours designing and setting up the flower displays at each years fair. Her love for people and flowers always found her with a big smile as she greeted people arriving to view all the beautiful floral exhibits. The courtyard between the Floriculture Building and Heritage Hall has been dedicated to her memory for her many years of enthusiastic volunteerism at the Fairgrounds.

Several members of the Dahlia Society as well as Friends are volunteering their time to create a calm peaceful area, a perfect place to pause and enjoy the beauty of the courtyard.

If you would like to be part of this project in memory of Katy please click the button below and make your donation to help the beautification of Katy’s Courtyard come to life.

Plans (some of which have already been accomplished) are to replace the shade cover over the courtyard, landscape the center planter area, add railings to the container plant shelf areas, replace fencing and gates and enhance the lighting. Additional plantings will be made into the courtyard area making it a welcoming entrance to our Fairgrounds, a perfect place to relax, and an open area for special events and floriculture during Fairtime.

Courtyard Area Before

Plans, Volunteers, and Progress

A Work In Progress, several Volunteers have started the project. The goal is to have the project complete by the end of the year. You can help. Click below to Donate!

Thank You to the following who have already donated to Katy’s Courtyard:


Greg & Suki Pavlovich         Andrew & Lisette Craft

Tinnee Lee             Joseph Parks     

Richard & Mary Travis          Kevin Larkin

Mary Bannister          Donna Cavallaro

Corralitos Woman’s Club          Lisa Godfrey

Rob & Loretta Hardesty          Patricia Hunter

John & Jeannie Kegebein           Boeing

    Genise Lee      Tom Bannister
Nadine Nemec.         Katherine Gerogenson