Plans for Fairgrounds Improvements

Watermark employees assemble the first water tank at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds

Funding provided to the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Foundation by Monterey Peninsula Foundation, host of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, the City of Watsonville and generous Donors from our community





Completed Fine Arts Building renovation

Updating outdoor lighting

Fair staff Working on entrance to fine arts bldg funded by foundation

Maintenance Shop Renovation

2018 Projects for Fairgrounds Improvements

  • Install Water System Storage Tanks and Upgrades
  • Finalize Renovation of Shop Building
  • Install Donated Modular Trailer to Replace Horse Show Office
  • Replace Fire Protection Diesel Engine & Controls
  • Expand RV Park
  • Build Restrooms in the Crosetti & Harvest Buildings Parking Lot
  • Construct Heritage Hall Annex & Restrooms
  • Install New Cattle Corals at Horseshow Grounds
  • Continue Repairing Fairgrounds Paving
  • Continue Outdoor Lighting Improvements

Completed Projects:


  • Fine Arts Building Renovation
  • Concrete and Asphalt Projects at Fine Arts Building
  • Outdoor Lighting – More than 500 new lights and 25 new light poles have been installed during the past 4 years
  • Purchased a new skid steer Kabota tractor


  • Replaced asphalt with concrete in quad area between Crosetti & Harvest
  • Completed Storage Building for tables, chairs and other equipment used in rentals of the Fairgrounds buildings, saving an incredible amount of staff time in moving items during set up and tear down for events
  • Purchased additional equipment to help maintain the Fairgrounds, such as tractors, water truck, and fork lift
  • Purchased paving equipment to be able to maintain Fairgrounds roads and sidewalks
  • Upgraded the Equestrian Area Including a new manure bunker, arena rock removal & expansion of patio area at food concession
  • Repaired & improved utility connections including water, sewer and electric in the grassy area near the grandstand
  • Improved the Crosetti Building, including electrical upgrades, new roll up door, sound proofing, wall sheeting and fresh paint
  • Realigned the carnival lot fence in preparation for future expansion of the Farmers Market


  • Repaired well that collapsed and purchased and installed new pipe, pump and computer system
  • Installed new Patio & Landscaping between Rodgers House and Heritage Hall
  • Built storage building for event equipment (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Improved horse show concession area
  • Retrofitted Livestock Barn with earthquake improvements
  • Upgraded Rodgers House Patio with new utilities and paving
  • Moved greenhouse to the entrance area and created new entrance to the Fairgrounds to the Heritage Hall Patio
  • Repaired some of the sewer system
  • Purchased and renovated the Heritage Office


  • Repaired/recoated the Crosetti Building Roof
  • Cross connected wells on the fairgrounds (to improve water delivery)
  • Repaired/recoated the Fine Arts Building Roof
  • Repaired windows in the Fine Arts Building
  • Repainted Rodgers House and improved the landscaping
  • Relocated the Greenhouse and improved the Heritage Hall entrance
  • Purchased equipment needed for maintaining the fairgrounds, including 3 Kubota UTV’s, a Kubota tractor, a utility truck, boom lift, scissors lift, a flail mower, an implement for the Horse Arena, a janitorial cart, and a dump truck.

2011 – 2012

  • Remodeled the Garden Building into Heritage Hall and retrofitted it with an antique bar


  • Completed new restroom facilities at the Horse Show Grounds


  • Repaired paving and electrical in the Livestock Area

In Process

  • Two Water Storage Tanks and Electric Meter
  • Concrete and Asphalt Projects in Harvest Kitchen Patio Area
  • Shop Building Renovation 75% completed
  • Chip seal and seal coat parts of asphalt roads at the fairgrounds


Projects that began in 2017 and continue into 2018 –

  • Restroom Facilities in Heritage Hall
  • Expansion of RV Park, adding 25 additional hookups