Year-End Update

Dear Friend,

2016 has been a tremendous year for the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds and the Fairgrounds Foundation. This year’s Fair was a huge success and community activities during the other 51 weeks of the year provided fun and educational opportunities for the whole community. In addition to festive events, our fairgrounds provided safe refuge for livestock owners escaping this summer’s nearby Loma fire.

Keeping our fairgrounds in its best condition so that it can provide the friendliest and safest facilities for its many uses requires continuous repair and maintenance along with improvements we would like to see. This past summer paving and sealing the main roads through the grounds along with adding new paving to parking areas used during the fair and other events were a primary focus of maintenance and improvement. In addition, we continued to add lighting in parking lots and other areas of the grounds. The massive light poles have added safety and convenience throughout the fairgrounds.

These projects are ongoing and will continue into 2017. The work is performed by the fairgrounds staff and volunteers which brings us the greatest possible value for the money invested.

We are looking for your help to fund these projects. If you can provide a year-end gift we will put your money to work immediately. Our Fairgrounds Manager, Dave Kegebein has already begun to schedule the next phase of the lighting and paving projects to keep the fairgrounds safe for everyone that visits.

Please help us move these projects along to maintain your fairgrounds as a gem of our community!

Thank you for your support,

Jeannie Kegebein

Foundation President

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