2019 Overview for Completion of Strategic Plan


  • Review/rewrite board policies
  • Approve employee policies
  • Review Bylaws
  • Write job descriptions for committees


  • Evaluate and upgrade our current events

Member/Donor Relations

  • Review purpose of membership program and benefits
  • Design program to help people easily become Donors
  • Establish Planned Giving and Endowment Programs

(a method of supporting the Fairgrounds Foundation that enables individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from their income; an amount of money or property left to the Foundation in someone’s will)

Youth Mentorship Program

  • Complete the development of the program for launch in July 2019


  • Prepare and implement a marketing plan and timeline to increase public awareness of the Fairgrounds Foundation throughout the year


The Foundation’s Strategic Plan is a reflection of the future uses and needs of the Fairgrounds, a decision made by the Fair Board of Directors.  This year the Fair Board will begin a study of future uses of the Fairgrounds which probably will take about two years. A new Strategic Plan for the Foundation will reflect future Fair Board decision about the use of the Fairgrounds. This year the Fair Board is embarking on a process to determine future use of the Fairgrounds, a process which will probably take two years.

This gives the Foundation time in 2018/19 to develop a plan for a Sustainable Business Enterprise with $2,000,000 revenues (amount needed from the Foundation to maintain current Fairgrounds) before we prepare a new Strategic Plan that includes capital campaigns based on future uses of the Fairgrounds.