The 500 Club

Fair-goers have asked us for a place where they can relax and enjoy talking with firiends during the fair. You can enjoy The 500 Club, located next to Heritage Hall. The 500 Club is a special party area where donors and Foundation members who invest $500 or more to support the Fairgrounds are invited to enjoy friends and refreshments.

Join us!

Becoming a member of The 500 Club is easy!

All you have to do is be a $500.00 Grand Champion Member, donate $500.00 or more to the Heritage Hog or Fairgrounds Foundation, be a $500.00 Fairgrounds Foundation Event Sponsor, or Sponsor the Fair at the $2,500.00 level. Sign up now so you’re sure to receive your invitation to The 500 Club!

Board members Sherri DeCamara and Jeff Nielsen at the entrance of the Foundation 500 Club during the 2017 Santa Cruz County Fair